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ZIKOI Specialising in bespoke, high-end interiors, we create beautiful living spaces for private and commercial clients, placing great importance and commitment to marrying skilful interior and exterior design, with a highly disciplined approach to development and project coordination. We offer the complete design service, encompassing a full turnkey solution, tailored to meet all your needs. Each design is tailored to the individual requirements, style and budget of the client from a full interior to a single room, always with the same attention to detail being given. We don’t only create interior design in Delhi & NCR we work throughout the INDIA producing stunning high end interiors and renovations. We manage each project from our initial meeting through to completion working with a team of highly skilled craftsmen. We have an outstanding team of associate consultants that can be called upon as required, including quantity surveyors, architects, approved contractors and engineers. Communication, quality of work and attention to detail are always the most important part of the process which ensures we reach our clients’ expectations and needs.

Our spaces are transformative

We create inspiring experiences

Our spaces are transformative. By going beyond trend we design environments that are original and timeless and which spark all the senses. We understand the ultimate essence of a project, which unlocks the authentic design story. The result is a unique, immersive experience that is exactly right for the place and the people within it

We deliver creatively and commercially

We recognise the importance of striking the balance between commercial demands and creative ambitions. Our unrivalled experience, profound grasp of commercial needs and creative agility, mean we reach inspired solutions for our clients, without compromise

Insight and experience

We apply intelligence to design

Our work is underpinned by a rich depth of insight and experience – from architectural principles to aesthetic, function and cultural sensibility. This intelligent approach to design shapes every decision we make and every space we create.

We set the highest standards

We take great pride in going further and thinking deeper. Materials, finish, texture and craftsmanship – we are uncompromising in the standards we set ourselves and it shows in the results we can achieve for our clients.or

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Why Zikoi

First and foremost, we passionately believe that intelligently designed offices significantly improve every aspect of a business. They enhance brand identity, attract and retain talent, strengthen staff productivity and morale which ultimately leads to a more profitable business. We call this Workplace Optimisation. We have developed the skills and tools needed to provide invaluable guidance for all our Clients. We pride ourselves on our devotion to really understand every aspect of the Clients’ vision, as it’s our job to bring that vision to life. Our success and reputation for excellence is rooted in our turnkey approach, vast experience in optimising office space and our passion for creating exceptional workspaces where people can feel healthier, happier and more productive. We love a challenge and pushing the boundaries of creating sustainable office designs, it’s what drives us. We are extremely cost competitive and you can relax safe in the knowledge that we have a “right first time, on time approach”. We will undertake your project for a fixed price and with a guaranteed programme.

ZIKOI are the INDIA’s leading office designers and workplace experts. The purpose of our Quality Policy is to ensure we achieve our objectives by:

Quality Policy

1. Designing and delivering projects that are defect free, on time and on budget

2. Maintaining personal contact with our Client and actively involving them throughout the duration of the project

3. Developing mutually beneficial relationships with Clients, sub-contractors and suppliers

4. Monitoring and reviewing our performance to identify and implement continual improvements to our quality management system and related processes

5. Being committed to the competence, training, professionalize and health & safety of our employees

6. Learning from experience, permanently correcting mistakes and preventing future problems and complaints

7. Communicating the requirements of our management system to our staff and others who may affected by our activities


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